RGM Materials
Here to simplify your chemical needs
in a constantly changing
business environment.
Business Specialists
People you can trust and talk to 24/7
  1. Customization
    Company dedicated and focused on your specific needs
  2. Experience
    Over 35 years of experience with inorganic salts and other products
  3. Personal Solutions
    Technical expertise for research and new product development Custom packaging available
  4. Individualization
    Critical specifications created to meet your exact requirements Rapid response to changing business conditions
  5. Partners not Traders
    Track record for the development of cost-efficient solutions Open and honest relationships with our clients
  6. On time Delivery
    Integration with shipping and warehouse facilities Just in time and dedicated inventory
What We Do
We are here to take the worry out of inventory managment
Companies are asking there employees to do more and more with less help along the way.  There are only so many work hours in a day.  We are here to make purchasing our products simple and seamless.  Many of our products are used over multiple  applications so purchasers can save time buying multiple items from one supplier.  
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Our Team
Dedicated to serving our customers like family.
  1. Bob Middlemiss
    President of RGM Materials Masters in Chemistry Over 30 years in the chemical field
  2. Rob Middlemiss
    Accounts Manager Bachelors in Marketing Over 5 years meeting clients needs
Going the extra mile
We are willing and able to meet the demands of our product users.  

On site visits to production facilities and open lines of communcation enhance our relationships.

Our office is always open for our clients to drop by for a face to face meeting.